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Tiffany Lamps
Chloe Lighting makes high quality Tiffany-style lamps and lighting. Although Chloe products are made overseas, we have exceptional quality standards and each shade is still hand crafted by skilled Tiffany artisans. Choose from our selection of Tiffany Table Lamps, Floor Lamps and Pendants. Many of the styles that we offer are traditional Tiffany classics, but we also have several originals that you will not find anywhere else.
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Chloe Belle Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Anisoptura Purity Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Gode Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Kinsey Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Cooper Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Serenity Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Innes Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Empress Apricot Table Lamp
Chloe Empress Blue Table Lamp
Chloe Empress Red Table Lamp
Chloe Roberta Table Lamp
Chloe Tarben Table Lamp
Chloe Patty Table Lamp
Chloe Rashid Table Lamp
Chloe Falkner Table Lamp
Chloe Evelyn Ceiling Pendant Lamp
Chloe Fanny Table Lamp
Chloe Pauline Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Halina Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Walden Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Aiken Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Myrtle Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Fallon Ceiling Pendant
Chloe Tristan Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Tristan Double-Lit Table Lamp
Chloe Shelley Dark Reading Floor Lamp
Chloe Shelley Light Reading Floor Lamp
Traditional Mission Tiffany Table Lamp
Mission Pendant Lamp
Navajo Mission Tiffany Table Lamp
Hanging Dragonfly Pendant Lamp
Amor Victorian Table Lamp
Amor Ivory Table Lamp
Amor Red Table Lamp
Amor Green Victorian Table Lamp
Lilac Wisteria Tiffany Table Lamp
Amber/Bronze Double-Lit Carousel Table Lamp
Double-Lit Carousel Table Lamp
Liaison 3-Light, Double-Lit Floor Lamp
Seaside Victorian Double-Lit Table Lamp
Liaison Turquoise Floor Lamp
Liaison Turquoise Inverted Pendant
Floral Victorian Pendant Lamp
Velvety Iris Double-Lit Table Lamp
Golden Iris Victorian Floor Lamp
Golden Iris Victorian Table Lamp
Victorian Pendant Mount Uplight
Liaison Red Floor Lamp
Liaison Red Victorian Table Lamp
Blue Iris Victorian Pendant Lamp
Blue Iris Victorian Double-Lit Table Lamp
Blue Iris Victorian Floor Lamp
Victorian Pendant Lamp
Leslie Pendant Lamp
Leslie Floor Lamp
Leslie Inverted Pendant Lamp
Decorative Dragonfly Table Lamp
Leaves and Grapes Table Lamp
Lydia Victorian Pendant
Lydia 3-Light Victorian Table Lamp
Lydia Table Lamp
Lydia Inverted Pendant Lamp
Dragonfly Double-Lit Table Lamp
Belle Semi-Flush Ceiling Mount
Chadrick Double-Lit Table Lamp
Kinsey Mission Style Table Lamp
Gode Table Lamp
Cooper Table Lamp
Cooper Floor Lamp
Dragan Dragonfly Ceiling Mount
Byron Pendant Lamp
Byron Table Lamp
Serenity Torchiere Floor Lamp
Serenity Table Lamp
Serenity Semi-Flush Ceiling Lamp
Serenity Pendant Lamp
Serenity Inverted Pendant Lamp
Serenity Mini-Chandelier
Innes Mission Style Lamp
Phoebe Wisteria Table Lamp
Grenville Pendant Lamp
Grenville Table Lamp
Sunny Pendant Lamp
Sunny Floor Lamp
Sunny Table Lamp
Empress Dragonfly Floor Lamp
Sadie Victorian Blue Pendant Lamp
Sadie Victorian Blue Table Lamp
Sadie Victorian Blue Floor Lamp
Sadie Victorian Ivory Pendant Lamp
Sadie Victorian Ivory Table Lamp
Sadie Victorian Ivory Floor Lamp
Jayden Mission Inverted Pendant
Grace Geometric Inverted Pendant Lamp
Chloe Shelley Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture
Chloe Scarlet Dragonfly Pendant
Chloe Heidi Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Chloe Adriana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Chloe Mila Gold Table Lamp
Chloe Mila Turquoise Table Lamp
Chloe Pantala Dragonfly Table Lamp
Chloe Gisele Table Lamp
Chloe Erin Table Lamp
Chloe Adriana Table Lamp
Chloe Persia Peacock Table Lamp
Chloe Lindsay Table Lamp
Chloe Alessandra Table Lamp
Chloe Marisa Table Lamp
Chloe Scarlet Dragonfly Inverted Pendant
Chloe Hayden Table Lamp
Chloe Hayden Floor Lamp
Chloe Doutzen Floor Lamp
Chloe Doutzen Table Lamp
Chloe Katie Wisteria Table Lamp
Chloe Katie Wisteria Floor Lamp
Chloe Natalie Torchiere Lamp
Chloe Natalie Pendant Lamp
Chloe Natalie Table Lamp
Chloe Ridley Floor Lamp
Chloe Ridley Table Lamp
Chloe Carrell Floor Lamp
Chloe Carrell Table Lamp
Chloe Peggy Floor Lamp
Chloe Peggy Table Lamp
Chloe Hannah Floor Lamp
Chloe Hannah Table Lamp
Chloe Belle Table Lamp
Chloe Kinsey Table Lamp
Chloe Double Lit Cooper Table Lamp
Chloe Grace Table Lamp
Chloe Marilyn Table Lamp
Chloe Judith Table Lamp
Chloe Holiday Table Lamp
Chloe Ingrid Table Lamp
Chloe Harrison Inverted Pendant
Chloe Prisma Table Lamp
Chloe Prisma Double-Lit Table Lamp