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Tiffany Lamps
Dale Tiffany is the world's foremost designer and manufacturer of fine art glass lighting and home decor. Using only the highest quality genuine hand-rolled art glass, Dale Tiffany offers an extensive range of designs utilizing the "copper foil" technique, an authentic glass assembly method originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. With this handcrafted process, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake. Dale Tiffany insists on the highest standards of quality and workmanship in every one of its products. Each glass shade is inspected on a light box to ensure brilliance of color, pattern, continuity, and structural integrity. Each base is similarly inspected, having been manufactured in accordance with UL and CUL standards. All products are then assembled, tested, and packed according to guidelines that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring only the highest quality reaches your home.
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Leonetto Semi Flush Mount
Mack Rose Semi Flush Mount
Mack Rose Five-Light Hanging Lamp
Pasqual Four-Light Hanging Lamp
Amius Mini Pendant
Perla Mini Pendant
Anani Torchiere Floor Lamp
Almeda Table Lamp
Deniz Dragonfly Table Lamp
Napa Valley Table Lamp
Peyton Jewel Table Lamp
Floral Blossom Table Lamp
Tavis Dragonfly Table Lamp
Tavas Table Lamp
Amada Table Lamp
Floral Bounty Table Lamp
Pelle Wisteria Table Lamp
Pasqual Mesh Table Lamp
Woodruff Mission Table Lamp
Anani Floral Table Lamp
Rose Bell Accent Lamp
Rose Dome Table Lamp
Rose Dome Downbridge Floor Lamp
Golf Handale Accent Lamp
Henderson Table Lamp (Small)
Wisteria Semi Flush Mount
Hollyhock Flush Mount
Morning Star Table Lamp
Mission Camelot Table Lamp
Dragonfly with Platform Base Table Lamp
Peony Semi-Flushmount
Dragonfly Accent Lamp
Peacock Accent Lamp
Blake Jeweled Flush Mount
Bradshaw Mosaic Flushmount
Tropical Sun Table Lamp
Egyptian Desk Lamp
Ainsley Desk Lamp
Amber Monarch Buffet Lamp
Aldridge Buffet Lamp
Boehme Buffet Lamp
Mica Buffet Lamp
Briar Dragonfly Table Lamp
Boehme Floor Lamp
Simplicity Mission Floor Lamp
Briar Dragonfly Floor Lamp
Crystal Jewel Pebble Stone Floor Lamp
Ripley Tiffany Downbridge
Raphael Mini Pendant Lamp
Dragonfly Mini Pendant
Scalloped Jeweled Flush Mount
Groveland Dragonfly Island Fixture
Zenia Rose Pendant
Sonota Semi-Flush Mount
Glade Pool Table Island Light
Baroque Semi-Flush Mount
Savannah Dragonfly Flush Mount
San Carlos Semi Flush Mount
Mosaic Green Semi-Flushmount
Peony Crystal Semi-Flush Mount
3 Light Crystal Peony Fixture
Crystal Peony Mini Pendant
Pebblestone Hanging Fixture
Pebblestone Mini Pendant Fixture
Pebblestone Wall Sconce
Cassidy Mosaic Flush Mount
Johana Mosaic Flush Mount
Dylan Tiffany Flush Mount
Tompkins Tiffany Reading Light /Torchiere
Arrowhead Mission Torchiere
Noir Mission Torchiere
Peacock Torchiere
Noir Mission Table Lamp
Jeweled Mission Table Lamp
Leaf Ribbon Tiffany Table Lamp
Hyde Park Mission Table Lamp
Malta Table Lamp
Dragonfly Jewel Tiffany Table Lamp
Floral Leaf Tiffany Table Lamp
Wisteria Tiffany Table Lamp
Hand Painted Table Lamp w/Crystal Leaves
Floral Branch Tiffany Table Lamp
Branch Base Tiffany Table Lamp
Harp Tiffany Table Lamp
Floral with Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp
Tranquility Mission Table Lamp
Grueby Tiffany Table Lamp
Poelking Pink Lilies Table Lamp
Poelking Lilies Table Lamp
Zenia Rose Table Lamp
Reves Dragonfly Table Lamp
Trellis Table Lamp
Diamond Hill Table Lamp
Fall River Table Lamp
San Antonio Mini Table Lamp
Palo Mission Table Lamp
Tiffany Shells Table Lamp
Donavan Table Lamp
Peacock Table Lamp
Marshall Table Lamp
Jeweled Mission Table Lamp
Lined Mission Table Lamp
Wilderness Table Lamp
Addison Tiffany Table Lamp
Pebblestone Table Lamp
Ripley Table Lamp
Chicago Table Lamp
Leaves Table Lamp
Northlake Table Lamp
Mission Bank Table Lamp
Carnelian Mission Wall Sconce
Meadowbrook Wall Sconce
Crystal Jeweled Pebblestone Wall Sconce
Dragonfly Accent Lamp
Henderson Banker's Accent Lamp
Tiffany Leaf Desk Lamp
Wisteria Mini Lamp
Cooper Accent Lamp
Crystal Peony Accent Lamp
Pebblestone Accent Lamp
Camelot Mica Floor Lamp
Freeport Mini-Pendant
Ripley Torchiere Lamp
Leilani Table Lamp