Meyda Tiffany

Meyda Tiffany
Meyda Tiffany was founded 30 years ago when Meyer Cohen was asked by his wife, Ida, to build a stained-glass window in their kitchen so they wouldn't have to look at the vintage cars in their neighbor's driveway. What began as a hobby evolved into America's leading and oldest manufacturer of Tiffany lamps and decorative lighting. Today Meyda Tiffany is still a family-run business, with Meyer and Ida's son, Robert, at the helm. Many of Meyda Tiffany's lighting designs were inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Dirk Van Erp, Gustav Stickley, Philip Julius Handel, Pairpoint and Duffner & Kimberly Studios, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Some have been handcrafted of copperfoil and reverse-painted art glass, porcelain, jadestone, mica and other fine mediums. Others were influenced by popular art movements: Arts and Crafts, Prairie, Lodge, Mission, Bungalow, Victorian, Nouveau, Gothic, Southwest and Deco.
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Jeweled Peacock Fanlite Shade
Orange Iris Fanlite Shade
Blue Iris Fanlite Shade
Jadestone Willow Three Light Chandelier
Grape 3 Light Chandelier
Diamond Mission Wall Sconce
Cross-Hairs Table Lamp
Cleopatra Table Lamp
Tiffany Floral Table Lamp
Jeweled Katherine Table Lamp
Jeweled Katherine Pendant Lamp
Ilona Table Lamp
Woodland Berries Table Lamp
Middleton Table Lamp
Sebastian Table Lamp
Murlo Table Lamp
Diamond Ring Table Lamp
Peaches Table Lamp
Poppy Table Lamp
Prairie Peaks Table Lamp
Agata Table Lamp
Agata Opal Table Lamp
Tuscaloosa Table Lamp
Fruit Tree Table Lamp
Loro Paraiso Table Lamp
Peacock and Lace Table Lamp
Diamond Mission Table Lamp
Blue Wisteria Table Lamp
Jewel Carousel Table Lamp
Peacock Feather Table Lamp
Koi Table Lamp
Glasgow Table Lamp
Nouveau Cone Table Lamp
Navajo Mission Pendant
Crowned Rosebud Table Lamp
Rosebud Table Lamp
Golden Acorn Table Lamp
Shell and Diamond Table Lamp
Beached Guideboat Art Glass Window
Ladyslippers Stained Glass Window
Calla Lily Stained Glass Window
Mackintosh Leaf Table Lamp
Prairie Corn Desk Lamp
Prairie Dragonfly Table Lamp
Jeweled Peacock Table Lamp
Hanging Head Dragonfly 40" Billiards Lamp
Hanging Head Dragonfly 32" Billiards Lamp
Honey Locust 31" Table Lamp
Dragonfly Table Lamp with Mosaic Base
Dragonfly Table Lamp with Twisted Mosaic Base
Colonial Inverted Pendant
Honey Locust Bridge Arm Desk Lamp
Dragonfly & Flowers Stained Glass Fireplace Screen
Butterfly in Flowers Stained Glass Fireplace Screen
Honey Locust 3-Lt Chandelier
Daffodil Bell 3-Lt Chandelier
Jeweled Peacock Flush Mount
Burgundy 40" Billiards Lamp
Burgundy 32" Billiards Lamp
Arrowhead Mission Flush Mount
Hanging Head Dragonfly 18" Accent Lamp
Green 40" Billiards Lamp
Green 32" Billiards Lamp
Peacock Feather Table Lamp
Golf Billiard Pendant
Lotus Leaf 30" Table Lamp
Magnolia Stained Glass Window
Lotus Leaf Inverted Pendant
Lotus Leaf Floor Lamp
Honey Locust Floor Lamp
Jeweled Peacock Mission Flush Mount
Mackintosh Leaf 2-Lt Sconce
Arrowhead Mission Floor Lamp
Mountain Laurel Art Glass Window
Iris Stained Glass Window
Arched Iris Stained Glass Window
Colored Seashells Art Glass Window
Handel Grapevine 19" Table Lamp
Diamond Mission Table Lamp
Hanging Head Dragonfly Pendant
Handel Grapevine Flush Mount
Dragonfly Stained Glass Window
3-Panel Victorian Lace Beveled Fireplace Screen
3-Panel Clear Beveled Fireplace Screen
Fleur-de-lis Art Glass Window - Small
Fleur-de-lis Art Glass Window - Large
Fleur-de-lis Art Glass Wall Sconce - Large
Arrowhead Mission Table Lamp
Floral Arrangement Stained Glass Window
Navajo Mission Floor Lamp
Navajo Mission Table Lamp
Navajo Mission Small Table Lamp
Navajo Mission Four Light Chandelier
Navajo Mission Wall Sconce
Navajo Mission Desk Lamp
Navajo Buffet Lamp
Navajo Mission Oblong Pendant
Jeweled Rose Table Lamp
Arrowheads Three Light Vanity
Arrowheads One Light Wall Sconce
Spiral Grape Wall Sconce
Small Santa Accent Lamp
Diamond Mission Pendant
Scarlet Dragonfly Pendant
Scarlet Dragonfly Sconce
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - 23.5"
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - Plum
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - Blue
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - opal
Swans Stained Glass Window
Wisteria Accent Lamp
Turning Leaf Flushmount
Rosebush Flushmount
Rosebush Fan Light
Turning Leaf Table Lamp
Thistle Stained Glass Window
Wisteria Wall Sconce
Pinecone Stained Glass Window
Wisteria Inverted Pendant
Wisteria Floor Lamp
Rose Vine Pendant
Trumpet Lily Stained Glass Window
Grape Diamond Trellis Stained Glass Window
Tidal-Shells Table Lamp
Purple Butterfly Stained Glass Window
Wild Sunflower Table Lamp
Wild Sunflower Pendant
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Table Lamp
Cherry Blossom Table Lamp
Cherry Blossom Pendant Lamp
Cherry Blossom Floor Lamp
Pinecone Mission Oblong Pendant
Pinecone Mission Table Lamp
Pinecone Mission Inverted Pendant
Pinecone Mission Wall Sconce
Pinecone Mission Floor Lamp
Pinecone Mission Pendant Lamp
Cabbage Rose Wall Sconce
Cabbage Rose Table Lamp
Pinecone Ridge Table Lamp
Pinecone Ridge Tall Table Lamp
Pinecone Ridge Pendant
Pinecone Ridge Flushmount Ceiling Lamp
Pinecone Ridge Wall Sconce
Peacock Feather Table Lamp
Renaissance Rose Table Lamp
Renaissance Rose Floor Lamp
Renaissance Rose Flushmount Lamp
Renaissance Rose Pendant
Elizabethan Table Lamp I
Elizabethan Table Lamp II
Elizabethan Floor Lamp II
Elizabethan Floor Lamp I
Elizabethan Pendant Lamp
Trillium and Violet Table Lamp
Trillium and Violet Floor Lamp
Trillium and Violet Inverted Pendant
Variegated Fishscale Table Lamp
Variegated Fishscale Floor Lamp
Variegated Fishscale Wall Sconce
Variegated Fishscale Pendant Lamp
Loon Mission Style Table Lamp
Dragonfly Flower Table Lamp
Concord Table Lamp
Aello Table Lamp
Veneto Table Lamp
Agata Purple Table Lamp
Guirnalda Table Lamp
Diente de Leon Table Lamp
Cristal Azul Table Lamp
Vinifera Table Lamp
Middleton Table Lamp
Middleton Wall Sconce