The versatility of Tiffany Lamps is so well illustrated by its use in floral designs. Through the ages, flowers have always been a source of art and beauty and it is so well expressed in art glass. Enjoy looking at our different floral designs and select one that is absolutely perfect for your needs.
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Liaison Victorian Pendant Lamp
Blue Iris Victorian Pendant Lamp
Blue Iris Victorian Double-Lit Table Lamp
Byron Pendant Lamp
Phoebe Wisteria Table Lamp
Grenville Pendant Lamp
Grenville Table Lamp
Peony Semi-Flushmount
Aldridge Buffet Lamp
Mosaic Green Semi-Flushmount
Peony Crystal Semi-Flush Mount
Crystal Peony Mini Pendant
Malta Table Lamp
Floral with Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp
Poelking Pink Lilies Table Lamp
Zenia Rose Table Lamp
Donavan Table Lamp
Chicago Table Lamp
Leaves Table Lamp
Jadestone Willow Three Light Chandelier
Tiffany Floral Table Lamp
Woodland Berries Table Lamp
Murlo Table Lamp
Peaches Table Lamp
Poppy Table Lamp
Fruit Tree Table Lamp
Blue Wisteria Table Lamp
Crowned Rosebud Table Lamp
Rosebud Table Lamp
Golden Acorn Table Lamp
Ladyslippers Stained Glass Window
Calla Lily Stained Glass Window
Honey Locust 31" Table Lamp
Dragonfly & Flowers Stained Glass Fireplace Screen
Butterfly in Flowers Stained Glass Fireplace Screen
Honey Locust 3-Lt Chandelier
Daffodil Bell 3-Lt Chandelier
Orange Iris Fanlite Shade
Blue Iris Fanlite Shade
Burgundy 40" Billiards Lamp
Burgundy 32" Billiards Lamp
Lotus Leaf 30" Table Lamp
Magnolia Stained Glass Window
Lotus Leaf Inverted Pendant
Lotus Leaf Floor Lamp
Mountain Laurel Art Glass Window
Iris Stained Glass Window
Arched Iris Stained Glass Window
Handel Grapevine 19" Table Lamp
Hanging Head Dragonfly Pendant
Handel Grapevine Flush Mount
Floral Arrangement Stained Glass Window
Jeweled Rose Table Lamp
Cherry Blossom Table Lamp
Cherry Blossom Pendant Lamp
Cherry Blossom Floor Lamp
Cabbage Rose Wall Sconce
Cabbage Rose Table Lamp
Renaissance Rose Table Lamp
Renaissance Rose Floor Lamp
Renaissance Rose Flushmount Lamp
Renaissance Rose Pendant
Trillium and Violet Table Lamp
Trillium and Violet Floor Lamp
Trillium and Violet Inverted Pendant
Dragonfly Flower Table Lamp
Diente de Leon Table Lamp
Concord Table Lamp
Whispering Wood Table Lamp
Grove Park Table Lamp
Kami Flowered Floor Lamp
Kami Table Lamp
Grove Park Floor Lamp
Kami Adjustable Length Rod Hanging Pendant
Kami Triple Domed Chandelier
Crystal Peony Accent Lamp
Wisteria Accent Lamp
Rosebush Fan Light
Wisteria Floor Lamp
Larissa Floor Lamp
Belle Fleur Floor Lamp
Turning Leaf Flushmount
Rosebush Flushmount
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - 23.5"
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - Plum
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - Blue
Rosebud Ribbon Pendant - opal
Wisteria Inverted Pendant
Rose Vine Pendant
Spiral Grape Wall Sconce
Wisteria Wall Sconce
Pinecone Stained Glass Window
Trumpet Lily Stained Glass Window
Grape Diamond Trellis Stained Glass Window
Leilani Table Lamp
Turning Leaf Table Lamp
Wild Sunflower Table Lamp
Wild Sunflower Pendant
Larissa Table Lamp
Carroll Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Carroll Pendant Lamp